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Mr. Danny H. Y. Cheung Accept China Construction News Access


              In 2010 August Mr. Danny Cheung represented Macao metal structure association to Beijing to meet Chinese Construction Metal Structure Association, and had a discussion with Mr. Yin Minda of chairman of committee of steel structure, discuss the future Macao metal structure association and Chinese Construction Metal Structure Association cooperation. After the meeting, Mr. Zhang Hanyao accepted China Construction News interview, Mr. Zhang is in the development of Macao metal structure industry introduces, Macao metal structure association mission, hope standardization Macao metal structure industry design guidelines, passing Macao follows the European standard as a design guide, but the industry's most realistic question is the European standard steel is difficult to find a supplier in Macao the market surrounding, contractors to undertake the project after each time, are time-consuming and design coordination design changes, in order to meet the time requirements, which is currently Macao metal structure industry standards need urgent implementation of reason.

Annex: China Construction News Interview
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